New Finnish safety tool and method.

Description of method

The TUMEX Koolix™ is to be placed at the desired location on top of the sill plate at floor height.
The user’s foot is to be placed on top of the tool.

The small pins at the bottom of the TUMEX Koolix™ will gently sink in to the sill plate and support the stud that is to be installed.
Hereafter, the stud can be installed and fastened safely by nailing it to the sill plate.

Fast, accurate and safe

The design of the TUMEX Koolix™ guarantees measurement accuracy and contributes to following work stages.

The TUMEX Koolix™ speeds up assembly, reduces errors and improves occupational safety significantly.

The tool protects the user from nailing him/herself in the foot, which is a common occupational accident.

For professionals and housebuilders

The tool is suitable for both construction professionals and consumers all over the world.

The tool suits both right and left handed users.

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